Agent Ethics

76 Pages

This course is designed to provide information on ethical business and insurance practices. As such, it addresses ethical topics that an agent would deal with in his or her day-to-day insurance work.

Most of us consider ethics to be the topic of right versus wrong and this is essentially correct. The difficulty comes in determining whose values of right and wrong should be used. This course addresses the fact that insurance laws must always be followed, but beyond that who determines the “right” course of action? Since agents often disagree on which products are right for the consumer, beyond the laws that are imposed, whose values should be used?

Since ethics have no clear guidelines beyond the laws that are imposed on the insurance industry, this course addresses how an agent makes these value determinations. Due diligence and fair consumer practices are examined in the context of accepting personal responsibility in selecting and presenting products. Since agents must rely on their understanding of products, this course discusses an agent’s responsibility to read and understand the policies that they sell.

Ethics is not always a black-and-white issue so much time is spent on helping the agent understands how he or she would appraise a business or personal situation from an ethical standpoint and determine the ethical avenue. The point of this course is not to tell the agent what is right or wrong but to give them the tools to make this determination for themselves. Since day-to-day situations will vary, having the tools to make this choice for themselves is far more important than telling them our opinion of right and wrong.