Annuities - An Investment Tool

Course Description


159 Pages + index


Annuities - An Investment Tool is designed to offer the agent a rounded view of the various annuity options available that may offer the growth of one's money.


The course starts out by laying a foundation about how the annuity product became a popular investment tool, the development, how the annuity operates, etc.  It covers the various options available to clients, for instance, the accumulation annuity and the refund annuity.  The course moves on to explain annuitization. 


There is an entire chapter devoted to rating systems, how they work and what they are based on.  The major companies are listed along with the ratings and explanations of each rating.


The course discusses the advantages and disadvantages of annuity investing.  The course briefly goes into how annuities compare to other investments like mutual funds and IRAs.  It briefly goes over how annuities can be used for college tuition.


This course closes with a chapter on agent ethics.  While most agents are certainly aware of the need for sound ethics, it is our opinion that a review of this topic is always a good idea.  The new agent may receive new realizations and the experienced agent may remember thoughts that have been forgotten.


Annuities - An Investment Tool is intended to benefit those agents who work primarily with life insurance products, since annuities are an insurance product.  Hopefully, this course will prompt agents and clients alike to realize the need for putting money aside for future use and how to choose the annuity product that best fits them.