Annuity Investing for Retirement


Course Description



  Fixed-rate annuity products are easy to understand and generally well known, but they are not the only annuity products available. Agents must be aware of and understand all annuity products, how they function, and in some cases, the risks involved.


  Annuity Investing for Retirement is a current account of annuity types, suitability requirements, how life insurance compares and co-exists, and other elements necessary to know prior to making annuity recommendations.


The course lays the groundwork in the first chapter, and then moves on in the following chapters to utilizing mathematics to demonstrate income requirements (versus some old and ineffective methods), the need to work longer in some cases, political trends, product types, annuitization options, and riders.


  Chapter 9 covers product suitability. Although we have elements of suitability through the entire course, this chapter is specifically on the topic. This chapter is standard in that it covers the suitability requirements set down for annuities and required of annuity sellers. It covers suitability criteria, time horizons, and all the elements suitability entails.


  The final chapter, 10, is on insurance ethics. This ethics chapter is specific to the insurance industry. The intention is to take away all the “I didn’t know” excuses we hear from agents. Finally, we discuss due diligence. While it might apply to many professions, as it applies to insurance it is vital.


  This course is recommended for agents who have been active in the selling field for at least one year, and preferably more than one. It is more detailed than our past annuity courses, aiming at suitability of product. Product suitability is the final goal of the entire course, so it makes constant references in all chapters to the aspects used to understand how to assess suitability in the selling field. All annuities have a place in the financial world but not all investors will benefit from buying annuities.



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