Industry Ethics


Course Description


   Industry Ethics specifically addresses the role that businesses as well as insurance producers play in ethical conduct. This course looks at the basic questions of ethical behavior but it also pays great attention to business practices and how they impact consumers as well as producers. This includes topics such as attempting to suggest more financial education than is actually achieved (to promote the sale), only giving partial information (leaving out important details), and manipulation of the actual facts. Most producers are honest people who try to better the position of consumers, but there will always be the few that manipulate sales. This course addresses that fact.


   Continuing education will always be important to the true professional and this is discussed in the text. As a provider of education, we are sometimes appalled at the statements that we hear from agents. The intent of Industry Ethics is to address many of the issues that initially affect insurance producers, but ultimately affect consumers.


   Overall, this course addresses issues in business that are part of every-day activities and certainly affect producers and consumers.


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