Insurance & Divorce


Course Description


   In today's world divorce touches everyone, affecting multiple types of insurance products.  This course is designed to educate the field agent on the needs experienced by those who have divorced or are in the process of divorcing.  It specifically touches on the concerns that might arise for an insurance producer who has previously been representing both of the divorcing parties.


   This does not attempt to give legal advice regarding the divorce itself and discourages insurance producers from attempting to give legal advice.  Instead the course looks at insurance products that might be affected by the legal aspects of divorce.  Insurance & Divorce provides suggestions, resources, and information that field agents will find useful when his or her clients are divorcing.


   This course specifically covers:

1.   Insurance planning for divorcing and newly divorced clients;

2.   Insurance budgeting;

3.   Marriage assets;

4.   Net worth;

5.   Determining future insurance requirements;

6.   Utilizing necessary professionals, such as financial planners and accountants;

7.   Information necessary to determining insurance requirements;

8.   Looking at current insurance policies to determine insurance needs following divorce

A.   Life insurance

B.   Annuities

C.   Health insurance

D.  Medicare and Medigap policies

E.   Nursing home insurance (long-term care)

F.   Disability insurance

9.   Maintaining financial stability while going from joint status to single status;

10.  Individual retirement accounts;

11.  Existing retirement funds;

12.  Building a retirement fund or repairing one that has been divided;

13.  Social Security in relation to insurance retirement plans;

14.  Roth IRAs and Traditional IRAs - differences and uses; and

15.  Ethics in business relationships.


   The chapter on ethics covers ethical issues insurance producers may face when their clients divorce, but also touches upon the basic need for ethics in all phases of insurance production.


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