Partnership Long-Term Care Policies

4-Hour Refresher Course



Course Description

112 Pages


  This course is designed to follow the initial 8-hour long term care course.  It is designed to “refresh” the agent on the critical points of Partnership long-term care benefits, asset protection, and general long-term care coverages.


  Long-term care is rapidly becoming a specialized field.  It is likely that we will see specialized agents emerging over the next few years: Partnership and traditional long-term care professionals.  These agents will be well versed in long-term care services, Medicaid qualification, asset protection, and long-term care insurance policies.


  Long-term care Partnership policies have the potential of saving federal and state Medicaid funds by encouraging Americans to buy long-term care insurance.  Partnership plans provide dollar-for-dollar asset protection in the form of long-term care insurance.  This course covers how such plans work and why they are a logical purchase. 


  Consumer and agent education is a critical part of the Partnership program since an uninformed consumer is not likely to consider purchase of asset-protecting Partnership coverage. This course covers the primary aspects of long-term care, Partnership plans, the agent’s role in marketing these plans, suitability standards (since not everyone should buy a long-term care policy), and related information that is pertinent to such policies and the market place.