Practical Insurance




  This course, Practical Insurance, is designed to provide information that will help agents properly assess and provide insurance coverage.  It is primarily for agents with previous experience since it looks at insurance provisions, placement requirements, and other elements that a new agent might not fully understand.  The course does include some explanations that are geared towards inexperienced agents but the primary focus is on experienced agents.  As a result, this would be regarded as an intermediate course.


  An entire chapter covers Partnership Long-Term Care Policies suitable for meeting the federal Partnership requirement.  Annuities are also covered in depth, again a bit more in depth for the average new agent but still something a new agent could complete with some extra effort.  It follows the NAIC format.


  All types of products are covered from automobile coverage to homeowner’s coverage.  This course is ideal for either a life/health or property/casualty agent because all topics related to the types of coverages needed are covered.



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