Presenting Products Ethically Course Description


  This course is designed for career agents who intend to remain in the insurance profession long term but it will benefit any person who wishes to be ethical.  Commissioned sales are not an easy road to travel, but for those who excel at their job it can be very satisfying and also financially rewarding.  It is unlikely that an individual would remain in the profession unless he or she presented all products ethically.  This course charts that process from first contact through product servicing.


  Insurance agents must be professional of course, but they must also have a sense of honesty that never waivers.  Insurance sales may lead to friendships that last a life time since agents often have continued contact with their clients.  Whether or not this happens, however, every client must receive complete disclosure regarding products and services.  There is never any excuse for doing any less than that.


  This course is owned and copyrighted by United Insurance Educators, Inc. and all rights are retained.  It is not permissible to copy any part of this course without written permission from UIE.  This course is not intended as selling material and may not be used in that manner.  Presenting Products Ethically is intended to provide continuing education for those who complete the course and pay for it.


  Each agent obtaining certified credit for this course must personally complete the course without help from another person or entity.  All province requirements must be followed.  Thank you for your cooperation.