WA LTC Initial 8-Hour Course


Washington is requiring all Washington agents who sell or solicit long-term care contracts to complete a new course titled WA LTC Initial 8-Hour Course.  No provider is allowed to offer this course until January 1, 2009.  Agents must complete this course no later than June 30th, 2009 in order to continue selling long-term care products.  If your current LTC course certificate ends prior to June 30th you must complete this course when your current certificate expires.


Course Description:


The WA LTC Initial 8-Hour Course covers Washington-specific laws related to long-term care insurance contracts.  It covers the following:

        State 284-83-020 and WAC 284-54, chapters 48.84 and 48.85 RCW as well as federal regulations HR 3103

        Available LTC services

        Changes and improvements in LTC services

        Alternatives to buying a long-term care policy

        Inflation protection and how it benefits the buyer

        Consumer suitability standards and guidelines


 Washington states that the required producer education may not include training that is company or product specific; only courses approved by the state as meeting this requirement are acceptable.