Due Diligence in Sales

Course Description



  Welcome to the course titled “Due Diligence in Sales.”  This course presents the due diligence required of an insurance professional from first client contact through policy delivery, if issued.  There is also a lengthy section (94 pages) relating to annuity and life insurance products.


  The course discusses product suitability determination, since due diligence cannot be part of the sales process if products do not meet the goals and needs of the consumer.  Too often insurance producers are given lots of information on capturing the sale but too little in formation is provided on communication skills, product knowledge, and listening well enough to meet the needs and goals of the insurance applicant.


  The course begins with specific information in chapter 1 on agent ethics.  From there it goes through the process of first consumer contact through delivering the issued product.  Chapter 7 is 94 pages on life and annuity products.


  Product suitability is the theme throughout the course.  From the first consumer interview to policy delivery, the course stresses the procedures to ensure correct product placement.