British Columbia Requirements


15 credits (hours) per license period for life and/or accident licensees.  A license period is between June 1st and May 31st of each year.


8 credits (hours) per license period for general insurance agents, adjusters, and salespersons.

The Insurance Council of British Columbia does not "approve" CE courses.

"Because there are so many opportunities for C/E both in British Columbia and in other jurisdictions, it is neither reasonable nor effective for the Council to pre-approve or accredit C/E.  The responsibility to determine what qualifies as C/E will continue to rest with the licensee."

Only C/E credits based on technical education will qualify.  Technical education includes courses, seminars, or programs that directly relate to:

  1. Life insurance/accident and sickness insurance products;
  2. Financial planning, provided that the education is geared toward life insurance and not a non-insurance sector, such as securities or mutual funds.
  3. Compliance with insurance legislation and requirements such as the Insurance Council of British Columbia's Code of Conduct Rules, the Insurance Act, privacy legislation, anti-terrorism/money laundering legislation;
  4. Ethics;
  5. Errors and Omissions; and
  6. General insurance products (General is marked as "PC" on our site).

A licensee is expected to take reasonable steps to satisfy him/herself that a particular course, seminar, or program meets the above definition and, if questioned, should be able to demonstrate why it meets the above definition.

What's Changed in the New Guidelines

  • ​Licensees in each class of licence are required to complete the same number of CE credits for that class of licence, regardless of the number of years licensed or additional professional designations.
  • If you receive your licence in the three months before the end of the licence period (i.e., between March 1 and May 31), the CE requirements for that first licence period are waived.
  • You can carry over up to one year’s worth of CE credits to the next licence period.
  • CE credits for a course can only be used once towards your CE requirements every three licence periods, unless the course content has substantially changed to warrant retaking the course.
  • There is no maximum amount of course credits that can be claimed, and no daily credit maximum.
  • Partial credits can be claimed in increments of 15 minutes for courses that are less than one hour in length. A minimum of 15 minutes of instruction time amounts to 0.25 credits.

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